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(Reuters) – U. . S.. . President Donald Trump’s election campaign issued a statement on Sunday distancing himself from Sidney Powell, a lawyer who made unfounded allegations of election fraud at a press conference Thursday.

« Sidney Powell is a self-employed attorney, » Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said in the statement. « She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. « 

The announcement came a day after a judge dismissed the campaign to halt President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania, dealt a heavy blow to Trump’s hard-hitting efforts to overthrow his November. 3 Loss of election.

Powell, a Conservative activist and former federal prosecutor, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

« Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, a really great team, have joined our other wonderful lawyers and agents, » Trump said in the tweet.

Powell said last week, without producing evidence, that electronic voting systems switched millions of ballots in favor of Biden.

Tucker Carlson, an influential Fox News presenter, criticized Powell Thursday for lack of evidence to support her claims.

« It has never shown that a single actual voting by software has been illegally moved from one candidate to another. Not one, « said Carlson.

U. . S.. . Senator Joni Ernst, an Iowa Republican who won re-election in this month’s vote, told a Fox News radio show on Thursday that Powell’s allegations were « offensive ». « 

Powell is currently representing Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in his efforts to end a longstanding criminal case against him.

Democrats and some Republicans have accused Trump of attempting to undermine confidence in the American electoral system and to delegitimize Biden’s victory by promoting false claims of widespread electoral fraud.

(Reporting by Jan Wolfe; Additional reporting by Timothy Gardner: Editing by Daniel Wallis and Paul Simao)

There are members of the Republican Party who are concerned that Ronna McDaniel’s desire to remain chairman of the Republican National Committee could mean that President Trump retains control of the group, and therefore the GOP, even if he is no longer in white is House, reports the New York Times. McDaniel is a close ally of Trump, and cautious Republicans suspect she might allow Trump to mobilize the party against incumbents he doesn’t think are loyal enough. But McDaniel has reportedly tried to reassure doubters that she will remain independent of Trump and his family, four Republicans told the Times on condition of anonymity. Also, if she isn’t, there could be risk of a still pro-Trump chair, she reportedly told a party leader, warning that her successor could be someone like Donald Trump, Jr. could be. or his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Aide for Trump Jr. . and Guilfoyle have said neither are interested in the job, but the opportunity might be enough for McDaniel to get the support she needs as the party is concerned that it will continue to influence voters in the suburbs could lose. Read more in the New York Times. More stories from the week. com 5 excruciatingly hilarious cartoons about Rudy Giuliani’s dubious legal strategy America is buckling The history books won’t be kind to Trump’s facilitators

Roberto Carlos Silva Jr. . The 23-year-old was charged with first degree murder and first degree arson, authorities said on Sunday.

Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. Navy officer convicted of espionage for Israel, has ended his probation and is expected to move to the Jewish state in the near future. Mr. Pollard was one of the most prolific spies in US history, having shared thousands of classified information with Israel during the Cold War. The Department of Justice’s Parole Board decided on Friday to allow a travel ban for Mr. Pollard after 30 years in prison. According to the New York Times, he is the only American ever to be sentenced to life imprisonment for spying on behalf of an ally. The espionage affair weighed on relations between the US and Israel for decades. The decision to lift its travel restrictions is seen as a parting gift from the Trump administration to the Israelis, which Israel greatly favored during its tenure. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long pushed for the release of Mr Pollard and, after he was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995, tried to bring him to Israel as part of diplomatic negotiations. « The Prime Minister expects to see Jonathan Pollard soon in Israel and, along with all Israelis, wishes him and his wife Esther all the best, » Mr. Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Saturday evening. Mr. Pollard was a young U.S. Navy civilian intelligence analyst who sold military secrets to the Israelis in exchange for thousands of dollars a month while working at the Pentagon in the 1980s. A year and a half after spying, he was arrested by FBI agents in 1985 while trying to apply for asylum at the Israeli embassy in Washington. The 66-year-old convicted spy was released from federal prison in 2015 after 30 years in prison and parole. A five-year travel ban was imposed on him, as well as probation conditions such as a curfew, restrictions on taking on jobs and a location tag. « We are grateful and pleased that our client is finally free from any restrictions and is now a free man in every way, » said Mr. Pollard’s lawyers. « We look forward to seeing our customer in Israel. « His lawyer, Eliot Lauer, told Channel 12 TV that Pollard was » excited « and determined to move to Israel, but it would be some time as Pollard’s wife was receiving medical treatment for cancer.

Loeffler is currently battling in a high-stakes race that could determine control of the Senate early in President-elect Joe Biden’s tenure.

Incoming presidents « usually want to wait until they have the power to fingerprint the policy that comes out the door, » said Jared Bernstein, who served as President-elect Joe’s chief economist during the Obama administration Biden acted said this week during a virtual conference. But, he added, Biden would prefer it not for coronavirus relief, which « is something that should be happening now. ». « . « Biden has stepped into the fight against the coronavirus and wants a deal to be struck before he is sworn in as president, reports Politico, although in theory waiting would increase the Democratic Party’s chances of getting a bigger deal that’s currently for the Senate Majority Leader is not a starter. « Mitch McConnell (R-Ky. ). « They care more about governance than politics, » one person who is in contact with the transition team told Politico. Biden’s camp is reportedly focused on ensuring black-owned companies get loans that were difficult to get under the First Aid Act, raising funds for state and local governments, and increasing unemployment benefits. The latter problem is where Biden « may have to give something to McConnell that we really don’t want to give up in order to get » a deal « but we just have to do it, » said another person close to the transition team. Read more at Politico. More stories from the week. com Ronna McDaniel has reportedly hired Donald Trump Jr. warned. , Kimberly Guilfoyle could follow her 5 bloody funny cartoons as RNC chairman about Rudy Giuliani’s dubious legal strategy kinking America

A federal court has dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania that challenged alleged President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the Commonwealth. With that, District Judge Matthew Brann rejected the eleventh hour campaign attempt to file a new complaint that would have resumed election fraud allegations that the Trump campaign had abandoned a few days earlier. (I’ve outlined the lawsuit here and explained the Trump campaign’s final efforts to change it here. ) Judge Brann’s 37-page statement contains various reasons for dismissing the case. Most of them target the complaints of two individual plaintiffs – voters who alleged their ballot papers were wrongly discounted. In contrast, the court found that the Trump campaign had no legal standing as it did not present evidence that President Trump was visibly harmed by the way the Pennsylvania elections were conducted. Basically, however, the court found that the fatal flaw in the case is the one we have repeatedly emphasized: the disproportion between the alleged damage and the legal remedy sought. Even if one accepted the dubious premise that the two voters in question were wrongly denied the right to vote while others in a similar position were not represented, the corresponding relief would be that their votes would be counted. However, this was not the remedy they were looking for. Instead, the two voters, backed by the Trump campaign, petitioned the court to prevent Pennsylvania from confirming the Commonwealth election results on Monday, in which Biden was 83. Won 000 votes. Brann replied:> A ban on confirming the election results would not restore the right to vote for individual plaintiffs. It would just deny more than 6. 8 million [Pennsylvanians] have the right to vote. “Standing is measured using damage theory and the specific relief requested. « It is not » given gross: a plaintiff’s appeal must be tailored to remedy the particular violation of the plaintiff. Here, the answer to invalid ballot papers is not to invalidate millions more. [Footnotes omitted. ] As we described in detail on Friday, the case was in a strange position. When you filed your original complaint on Jan.. On November 11th, the Trump campaign alleged widespread electoral fraud, based primarily on allegations that Republican election observers were denied a meaningful opportunity to watch the vote. As Brann notes (and we have discussed here), the Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (which is binding on the Brann District Court) on Jan.. November his opinion in the Bognet v. Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While Bognet’s reasoning is not directly related to the case of the campaign, it significantly undermines his claims. The campaign responded by modifying its complaint, downgrading the case to narrow allegations that Trump voters’ equal rights (and therefore the rights of the campaign) were violated by an allegedly skewed process: mail-in voters in Biden-friendly Counties They had been allowed to fix flaws in the ballots they submitted, while voters in Trump-friendly counties were not. Brann denied this claim and accepted the Pennsylvania argument that Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had promoted electoral healing across the state. The state government was therefore not to blame if not all districts took this opportunity. However, this is largely irrelevant. Even if there had been a violation of electoral rights, the means would be to count their votes. Instead, the court found, plaintiffs seek to resolve the denial of their votes by invalidating the votes of millions of others. Instead of requiring their votes to be counted, they try to discredit scores of other votes, but only for one race [i. e. , the presidential race, not the other competitions]. That’s just not how the constitution works. [Emphasis added. ] Additionally:> In order to grant plaintiffs’ requested relief, the ballot papers of every person who voted in Pennsylvania would have to be invalidated. Since this court does not have the power to withdraw the right to vote from even a single person who admits millions of citizens, it cannot grant the easements requested by the plaintiffs. Brann concluded that the Trump campaign was not entitled to infer based on the damage claimed by the two voters, particularly following the Bognet ruling. He expressly rejected both of the main complaints of the election campaign for the same protection: (1) that the election observers were discriminatory excluded from watching the screen and (2) that the possibility for voters to cure faulty ballot papers was deliberately given in the counties known to the state was going to prefer Biden. Regarding the former, Brann took the view that, as the Trump campaign claimed, this was not a problem of equal protection. The campaign did not claim that Trump observers were treated any differently from Biden observers. On the latter, Brann came to the conclusion that the Bush v. In any case, Gore did not claim that Boockvar’s guidelines for healing ballots differed from county to county. Most notably, Brann denied the Trump campaign’s dilatory attempt to revise their complaint again late last week in order to resume claims from their original complaint, which they withdrew last weekend. The court ruled that doing so would « unduly delay the resolution of the issues » as Monday the 23rd. November, the deadline for Pennsylvania counties to confirm their state government election results – a necessary prelude to the nomination of the electoral roll who will cast the votes of the Commonwealth Electoral College?. In response to the verdict, Trump campaign lawyers issued a statement claiming that while they disagreed with the decision of the “Obama-appointed judge”, they were in fact a boon to “our strategy, quick to get to the U.. S.. . Supreme Court. It is true that Brann was appointed by former President Barack Obama, but he is a member of the Republican and Federal Society sponsored by the state’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey – a common situation when the two senators of a state are different Parties and a government must come from horse trading dates. Trump’s attorneys added that the ruling “denied them the opportunity to present our evidence at a hearing. They described this as « censoring » « 50 witnesses » who testified that election officials had contested the « independent review » required by Pennsylvania law. This is an obvious indication of the campaign’s claim that its election observers were not given a meaningful opportunity to watch the screen, which, according to lawyers, led to the 682. 777 ballot papers were illegally cast. The campaign did not mention that it had removed this charge from its original complaint. Nor was it referred to Brann’s conclusion that the claim was not an identifiable claim to equal protection under federal law. The campaign says it will seek an expedited appeal to the Third Circuit – the tribunal that just ruled the Bognet case, the precedent that has apparently led the campaign to withdraw the claims it is now seeking to revive. In any case, it is far from clear that the Supreme Court, which has so far refused to respond to the claims from the Pennsylvania suffrage relevant to the 2020 election, would approve the case of the campaign – even if the Third Circle accelerated one Appeal granted and, as even the campaign clearly expects, rules against the campaign.

Giuliani added, « Somehow the Democratic Party was hijacked by Clinton and has since become more corrupt. ”

Boris Johnson has been asked to grant asylum to a Pakistani Christian girl who was forced to marry a Muslim man who is accused of kidnapping and raping her at gunpoint. The 14-year-old girl’s family claim she was kidnapped last year by Mohamad Nakash, who used extortion and threats of violence to sign false papers approving marriage. In August, a judge’s order to take her to a women’s refuge was overturned by a higher court, which declared the marriage legal and returned her to Mr. Nakash’s home. The girl then fled and is now hiding. However, her lawyer alleges that staff members of Mr. Nakash, who turned up en masse at the trial, tried to hunt her down. The British charity Aid to Church in Need, which campaigns for persecuted Christians around the world, has now started a petition calling on the government to grant the girl asylum. « This shocking case is an opportunity for Britain to demonstrate its commitment to the Christian welfare that so often feels abandoned by the West, » said spokesman John Pontifex. The case recalls Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian who spent ten years on death row in Pakistan on trumped-up blasphemy charges.

There is a growing likelihood that the first round of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will be launched in just a few weeks. In this case, only high priority groups such as health care workers are expected to have access. In theory, the pool will grow over time, but kids will likely have to wait a while. This is partly because younger people, while by no means invulnerable to COVID-19, are less prone to severe cases, but it also has to do with the fact that the youngest people Pfizer’s candidates received in court cases were between 12 and under 14 years old, Dr. . Moncef Slaoui, the White House vaccine tsar, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. There are currently no data on the vaccine’s effectiveness or safety for younger children, but Slaoui says there are plans to conduct trials at an accelerated pace in the coming months, first with younger adolescents, then with toddlers, and finally with infants. If that goes well, Slaoui expects most children to be able to be vaccinated by the middle of next year, although infants may not be admitted until late 2021. > Dr. . White House vaccine czar Moncef Slaoui tells @jaketapper that he expects children to be able to get a coronavirus vaccine by the middle of next year. « We need to get these clinical trials done quickly. « CNNSOTU picture. Twitter. com / WlOUxKA3RN >> – State of the Union (@CNNSotu) 22. November 2020More stories from the week. com Ronna McDaniel has reportedly hired Donald Trump Jr. warned. , Kimberly Guilfoyle could follow her 5 bloody funny cartoons as RNC chairman about Rudy Giuliani’s dubious legal strategy kinking America

Palestinian militants took part on Saturday evening (Jan.. The Israeli military said on Sunday, November 22), a rocket was fired at Israel, which led to Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip. November) with. . No casualties were reported on either side of the border. Israeli police said the Gaza rocket damaged a factory in the southern city of Ashkelon. The Israeli military said its plane struck in response to several military bases owned by Hamas, the Islamist armed group that controls Gaza. Before daybreak, the strikes hit targets in Gaza City and the southern Gaza cities of Rafah and Khan Younis, according to Reuters witnesses. There was no immediate claim to responsibility of a military group in Gaza for firing the missile. Israel and Hamas last fought a war in 2014 and have exchanged fires several times since then. But the border has been largely calm for the past few months. In Gaza, a Hamas spokesman blamed Israel for the new escalation.

The Trump campaign had attempted to prevent state officials from confirming the results of the elections in the state. U. . S.. . District Judge Matthew Brann in Williamsport, Pennsylvania described the case as « strained legal arguments without merit and speculative allegations ». « That claim was haphazardly stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster, » Brann wrote.

The women were in the middle of their work when the hospital director walked in and told Mihret Glahif that she had to run for her life. It didn’t matter that her patient gave birth, the staff had to leave immediately. The civil war had broken out and knocked on the door. « We heard shots and bombs, » said the 25-year-old nurse. “We left all patients. Some of them were wounded soldiers, others were women in work. We all left. Ms. Glahifs, dehydrated and hungry, told of the trauma of a brutal new conflict in northern Ethiopia, Africa’s second largest nation. “I shouldn’t have left her. I don’t know how to meet God, ”she told the telegraph after escaping with thousands of others with only her passport over enemy terrain into the rugged, sun-drenched wasteland of Eastern Sudan. This newspaper publishes today some of the earliest reports of the fierce battle between one of Africa’s most powerful armies and the regional military in northern Tigray Ethiopia that has sparked a mass exodus and a desperate humanitarian crisis. A loss of communication after the internet was disrupted means that few details have been revealed about alleged bombings, beatings, machete massacres and even ethnic cleansing. Hundreds, probably thousands, have been killed since the conflict broke out two and a half weeks ago; and allegations of possible war crimes are becoming more common.

Female assassins who lured an Afghan security officer to death with sexual promises before shooting him and dumping his body in a cemetery are among thousands of Taliban criminals released as part of a fragile peace plan.

A group of Republicans, including Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa. ) are filing a lawsuit, hoping to block the confirmation of the Pennsylvania election results, alleging that a state bill passed in 2019 allowing universal mail-in voting is unconstitutional. If it did, postal ballot papers would become invalid, which would likely bring the state back to President Trump. > Here is the introduction to the complaint from the filing of the Commonwealth Court / 5 picture. Twitter. com / OdF3hdUpwS >> – Matt Maisel (@Matt_Maisel) 21. November 2020The lawsuit quickly met with heavy criticism, including allegations that Kelly (who has just been re-elected) and the other plaintiffs « openly oppose democracy and the rule of law » « But many observers were simply at a loss. For starters, the law was passed over a year ago, which raises questions about why its constitutionality was not brought up between then and now. It was also enforced thanks to a majority GOP legislature with only one Republican member of the State House voting against it, while the GOP Senators unanimously supported it. > In the lawsuit filed in the Commonwealth Court this morning, plaintiffs say Act 77 is « unconstitutional » and « illegally implemented ». « They argue it is an illegal attempt to override postal voting restrictions and would have to go through a constitutional amendment first / 3 >> – Matt Maisel (@Matt_Maisel) 21. November 2020More stories from the week. com Ronna McDaniel has reportedly hired Donald Trump Jr. warned. , Kimberly Guilfoyle could follow her 5 bloody funny cartoons as RNC chairman about Rudy Giuliani’s dubious legal strategy kinking America

Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis said the president’s legal team that attended Thursday’s meeting was likely exposed to the virus.

German prosecutors said Friday that the murder of a 44-year-old man showed signs of possible cannibalism.

Iran promised on Sunday that it would thwart any Israeli attempt to damage its role in Syria. He said the era of Israel’s « hit and run » attacks was over days after Israel launched air strikes on the Syrian army and Iranian paramilitary targets. Israel, which sees Tehran as its greatest security threat, has repeatedly attacked Iranian targets and targets of the allied militia in Syria, where Tehran has been supporting President Bashar al-Assad and his armed forces against rebels and militants since 2012. On Wednesday, an Israeli military spokesman said eight targets had been attacked, including an Iranian headquarters at Damascus International Airport and a « secret military facility » that served as a « reception facility for senior Iranian delegations when they come to Syria to operate ». .

U retired. S.. . Army Lt. . gene. . H. . R.. . McMaster, who previously served as national security adviser to President Trump, called Trump’s order to further reduce the number of American troops in Afghanistan by mid-January « hideous » on Sunday. Margaret Brennan of CBS News asked McMaster if Trump would give the Taliban a victory on the way to the door. McMaster said yes, adding that Trump « paradoxically doubled over any flaws in the Obama administration’s approach to Afghanistan. « As McMaster sees, when the Taliban take control of large parts of Afghanistan, they will provide a » safe haven « for terrorist groups and make the U.. S.. . « far less secure » and more vunerabe for attacks. But the real problem, argues McMaster, is that the U. . S.. . would leave after previously « empowering » the Taliban, citing the fact that U. . S.. . Taliban negotiations resulted in the Afghan government 5. 000 Taliban prisoners released. « If we went, » he said. « Just go away. « > AFGHANISTAN DRAWDOWN: @LTGHRMcMaster breaks @ realdonaldtrump’s plan to withdraw U. ». S.. . Forces from Afghanistan as « hideous. ». « >> » What happened is the prioritization of withdrawal over our interests, which led to the fact that we actually strengthened the Taliban, « he tells @margbrennan pic. Twitter. com / UvDU2gHQWY >> – Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) 22. November 2020More stories from the week. com Ronna McDaniel has reportedly hired Donald Trump Jr. warned. , Kimberly Guilfoyle could follow her 5 bloody funny cartoons as RNC chairman about Rudy Giuliani’s dubious legal strategy kinking America

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EbeneMagazine – CA – The Trump campaign is splitting from a lawyer who has made election fraud claims
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