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Jinger Vuolo, formerly Jinger Duggar, and her husband Jeremy are the proud parents of a healthy girl.

The two of them told TODAY parents on Wednesday morning that their second child, Evangeline Jo, arrived “quickly and safely” on Sunday evening.

« We have good news! » they said in an exclusive statement to TODAY parents. “Jinger is recovering very well and is enjoying being able to finally hold her little angel. ”

They said Evangeline means « good news » and Jo is in honor of Jeremy’s middle name, Joseph. She was born late Sunday evening weighing 7 pounds.

« As for Felicity, she is in love with her little sister but has no idea how much sharing is in her future, » the parents said in the statement. “We are so grateful to God for this beautiful gift!”

« The bond that sisters share is unique and one that I cherish every day. After all these years they are still my best friends! I am glad God is giving this gift so that Felicity can enjoy it. Me and Jeremy definitely have our hands full! But there is nothing else we’d rather be wearing, « she wrote in her pregnancy announcement in May.

« The morning after we told the family we were expecting, Jinger woke up and woke me very early in the morning and said that she thought she had lost the baby, » Jeremy, 32, told the magazine. « We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a test for us. ”

Jinger is the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the stars of TLC’s « 19 Kids and Counting ». « She’s also a star on the TLC reality series, » Counting On. « She married Jeremy, a former professional soccer player, in November 2016.

President Trump’s campaign is now on the other side of a lawsuit in a newly filed federal lawsuit alleging he violated the 1965 Suffrage Act in attempting to « disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, particularly African Americans » Metropolitan Areas of Michigan.

The nation is in « a very vulnerable phase » where the number of coronavirus deaths could rise rapidly, Dr. . Anthony Fauci warned on Monday speaking to Yahoo News.

Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, who gave Rudy Giuliani a copy of the laptop, closed his Delaware store and a neighbor said he had left town.

Cheap coronavirus tests that common Americans can do at home could significantly reduce infection rates, according to researchers. Their statistical models show that potential inaccuracies practically no longer play a role if enough rapid tests are carried out with sufficient frequency.

China criticized Pope Francis on Tuesday for a passage in his new book mentioning the suffering of the Uighur Muslim minority in China. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Francis’ remarks “had no basis at all. « People of all ethnicities enjoy full rights to survival, development and freedom of religion, » Zhao said at a daily meeting.

Workers in one of the most secretive parts of the government were forced to return to the office, creating widespread concerns about their exposure to COVID-19.

President-elect Joe Biden will begin his cabinet elections on Tuesday. The Washington consensus was perhaps best described by Brendan Buck, a former top advisor to Republican House Speakers Paul Ryan and John Boehner:> These nominations and appointments for Biden are so delightfully boring >> – Brendan Buck (@BrendanBuck) 23. Most of the names Biden announced on Monday – Antony Blinken as Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor, Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security, Avril Haines as Secretary of State for Intelligence, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U. . N. . Ambassador and Ron Klein, White House Chief of Staff – are career professionals little known outside of Washington politics and politics, but well respected within them. « By design, they seem to be projecting dutiful competence, » reports the Washington Post. Biden has also chosen some bold names: John Kerry as international climate commissioner and former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen as treasury secretary. What holds them all together is the prospect of a Biden government « filled with people who have profound experience in government and the agencies that will run it, » write Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer at Politico. You can expect less impulsive tweets and more from a « linear, trudging, purposeful, and standard political process » « conducted » by political professionals who are unlikely to be trying to burn the White House down for minor disagreements and jockeys for the good get the grace of the president, « add Sherman and Palmer. « In other words, if the Trump White House had been drinking like a vat of Tabasco sauce for the past four years, the Biden White House would be like a sip of flavored almond milk. « The selection process was not entirely without drama, but » the relatively undisputed nature of this selection was intentional, « says Politico’s Ryan Lizza. « Internally, Biden officials have been instructed to emphasize to reporters how normal the selection is and how these executives have been tested. ‘It is considered a success if the announcements by the Biden staff and the cabinet don’t bring much news. « More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump staff are now reportedly avoiding him from staying out of legal danger. Trump is said to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to pronounce him by ‘go’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Jonathan Pollard, the former U, on Tuesday. S.. . Navy analyst convicted of espionage for Israel in the 1980s who told him, « We are waiting for you.  » The U. S.. . The Justice Department announced last Friday that Pollard completed his parole and cleared the way for him to move to Israel 35 years after his arrest. « You should now lead a comfortable life in which you can both pursue your interests, » said Netanyahu in a conversation with Pollard and his wife Esther.

President Donald Trump’s legal team said Monday it would continue its legal strategy to question the 2020 presidential election results after Michigan officials confirmed results showing President-elect Joe Biden was theirs State had won. « Certification by state officials is merely a procedural step, » said Jenna Ellis, legal advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign, in a statement.

« The presidential slow coup is not going so well, » Stephen Colbert said on the Late Show on Monday. « This afternoon, the Michigan Electoral Board confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in that state. Tonight we learned just moments ago that the General Services Administration had informed President-elect Joe Biden that the government was ready to begin the formal transition process. « That makes it official, he said. « Our next in chief will be President Biden. Which means Rudy Giuliani is filing one final legal claim somewhere that our current president’s name has always been Joe Biden. « With so many people humiliated by the utter incompetence of his legal team, the president did what he had to do and fired someone named Sidney Powell, » Colbert said. « If you don’t know who she is, congratulations, you don’t have to know now. But I’ll tell you anyway. « And he did. Powell « was kicked off Trump’s legal team because he was too crazy, » marveled Jimmy Fallon at the Tonight Show. « It’s like getting cheered on by Real Housewives for being too crazy. Seriously, you know how crazy you have to be when Rudy Giuliani’s head starts licking and you are the one who gets fired? « That was how embarrassing she was for the Trump team, » James Corden said on The Late Late Show: « The guy who was holding a press conference next to a sex shop and had hair dye on his face last week and wearing slippers that look like clown shoes – this guy who’s still on the team. But I saw this coming, I did it. Any good conspiracy theorist will tell you if you rearrange the letters in Sidney Powell you will get Needy Pillows. This is obviously a nod to the CEO of MyPillow who invented the coronavirus to destabilize the neck support industry. I have to be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet this weekend. « Trump is concerned that his legal team is made up of fools who make him look bad, » laughed Jimmy Kimmel at Kimmel Live. « They said the same thing about you. « In the meantime, » we still haven’t admitted the president – we barely saw the president, « he shrugged, largely thanks to golf. « I’ve never seen a man try so hard to keep a job that he doesn’t even do. « Check out another » great idea « from Kimmel to get Trump to leave office below. More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump staff are now reportedly avoiding him from staying out of legal danger. Trump is said to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to pronounce him by ‘go’

A Lebanese prosecutor on Tuesday brought charges against current and former customs officials over the massive explosion in the port of Beirut in August, including a former customs chief who was reportedly the lead man for the Hezbollah militant group at the facility. Prosecutor Ghassan Khoury on Tuesday indicted senior customs officer Hani Haj Shehadeh and former Beirut customs chief Moussa Hazimeh, according to the state’s national news agency.

The UK is set to loan nearly £ 400 billion – or nearly $ 526 billion – this year to pay for the massive coronavirus damage to its economy. According to Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, on Wednesday (Jan.. November) announced a one-year spending plan. This means that the budget deficit will rise to its highest level since World War II. Sunak said the UK economy is likely to shrink a little more than 11% this year before growing by 5. 5% in 2021. « Our health emergency is not over yet and our economic emergency has only just begun. Protecting people’s lives and livelihoods is therefore our immediate priority. « Public borrowing would be around 19% GDP – the highest in peacetime. Sunak said the cost of fighting the virus was now $ 373 billion – well above an earlier estimate of about $ 267 billion. There was evidence of early steps to offset some of his expenses. Sunak announced a wage freeze for most public sector workers with the exception of health workers and a cut in the UK budget for foreign aid – a move criticized by aid groups and the spiritual leader of the Church of England. « I want to assure the House that we will continue to protect the poorest in the world and spend the equivalent of zero. 5% of our national income for foreign aid in 2021, £ 10 billion for this spending review. « Wednesday’s announcement comes with pressure that is also increasing due to a Brexit trade agreement. The UK only has five weeks to go before the post-Brexit transition expires, and no new deal has yet been signed with the European Union.

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A Turkish court on Tuesday added new defendants to the case against Saudi officials charged with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, state media reported in a trial Ankara believes necessary to bring the full truth to be revealed behind the killing. Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October. 2, 2018. In September, a Saudi court detained eight people for seven to 20 years for the murder, in a trial that critics said was not transparent.

Sen. . Marco Rubio (R-Fla. ) on Tuesday predicted that President-elect Joe Biden’s new hires would be « polite and orderly administrators of America’s decline » to his future administration, jokingly quoting how many members of the group have graduated from the Ivy League. It is true that many of Biden’s tips so far have gone to Ivy League schools, but Rubio’s remark makes less sense considering that the current White House is a similarly Ivy-infused crowd. After all, President Trump himself went to the University of Pennsylvania. > Come on @marcorubio picture. Twitter. com / xYjMwjRyli >> – Yashar Ali (@yashar) 24. November 2020 The GOP’s criticism that democratic administrations are saturated with Ivy Leaguers is not new. NBC News’s Benjy Sarlin pointed out that Sen. . Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who holds a Harvard degree, filed a similar complaint about the former cabinet elected by former President Barack Obama, who defeated him in the 2012 election. > This is always a classic. Mitt Romney mocked Obama’s « Harvard Faculty Lounge » cabinet in 2012 while having a Harvard JD / MBA, three (!!!) sons attending the Harvard business, and his advisors included famous Harvard faculty members. https: // t. co / GiTVVD5Jlw >> – Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) 24. November 2020More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump staff are now reportedly avoiding him from staying out of legal danger. Trump is said to join Rudy Giuliani at the Pennsylvania election rally after aides tried to pronounce him by ‘go’

Russia granted « Sputnik V » emergency approval in August and given it to frontline workers and even to President Putin’s daughter.

President Trump is reportedly traveling to Pennsylvania for a Republican meeting on election fraud allegations, ignoring the advice of some of his aides. Trump is expected to join his attorney Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg, Pa. As Republican lawmakers hold a « hearing » on allegations of electoral irregularities on Wednesday, CNN reports. The plans could reportedly change but were confirmed by Bloomberg, who stated the event is not on Trump’s public schedule. Trump is still not giving the 2020 race to President-elect Joe Biden despite the transition formally beginning, but his legal team has not presented any evidence of widespread election fraud. Biden was recently certified as a winner in Pennsylvania. Attending this meeting of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Politics Committee, which will be held at a hotel, would be Trump’s first trip outside Washington since election day, according to CNN. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times confirmed the news, reporting that « some aides tried to dissuade him. « . Haberman adds that some of Trump’s’ advisors have been kept in complete darkness about this’ plan ‘, underscoring how incoherent the president’s team has become since election day, and others tried to tell him it was a mistake. “But Haberman reports that, among other things, Trump is likely to announce a campaign for 2024 soon, and that is branding. « This event comes after a major lawsuit against Trump in Pennsylvania was dismissed over the weekend and after Giuliani held a bizarre press conference last week clarifying unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. Attorney Sidney Powell, who attended the press conference, was later alleged not to have been part of Trump’s legal team, and NBC News reports that Trump has become « concerned » that his team is made up of « fools » who make him look bad. « More stories from the week. com People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can easily get back to NYC society. Trump’s employees are now reportedly avoiding him to stay out of legal danger. Obama, the pretender

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EbeneMagazine – GB – Jinger Dugger and husband welcome the 2nd. Child, a little girl
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