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Gordon Taylor, Executive Director of the Professional Footballers Association, will step down from his role until the end of the season.

The decision came after the PFA’s review of the sports resolution following criticism of its leadership over football’s escalating dementia crisis and an ongoing Charity Commission investigation.

Taylor was also checked for his £ 2 million a year salary. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the 75-year-old decided against a raise earlier this year when he turned 500 instead. Donated £ 000 to the National Health Service and Charities.

The review recommended a major overhaul of the PFA, criticizing the long-term strategy, communication and the need to improve union oversight.

Taylor’s successor will reportedly receive a quarter of Taylor’s salary as per industry benchmarks to be approved by a gaming committee, along with a new group of non-executive directors to appoint the new executive director.

These non-executive members of a new operational body will be selected by a three-person body, one of which will be former England and Manchester United defensemen Gary Neville. After their appointment, they will recruit the new CEO with the support of a specialist agency.

Taylor will finalize his exit plan at the general meeting on Thursday Thursday, where he is expected to confirm the process of stepping down over the next few months, outlined in a letter to members on Wednesday reported by The Telegraph Taylor the changes that will be implemented after the review, which was already completed in July.

« As part of the new structure, the management committee will have a player board and an operational board, and we will be inviting nominations for members to join the board, » wrote Taylor.

“These members will be instrumental in moving the PFA forward in our new structure and I hope you will consider whether you would like to play a leadership role in the future.

« As I announced at our previous Annual General Meeting, I, too, will resign at the end of the current season after the independent review process has been completed. The recruitment process recommended by the independent review will be used to elect a new CEO, and we have made significant progress in that direction. I will of course be available in the future whenever necessary in support of the PFA.

“I am proud to have been part of the hard work of the Management Committee in drafting these new rules and implementing the other recommendations of the independent review. I recommend our proposed new structure to you. It is the gold standard for any modern sports organization and a foundation on which I believe our organization will continue to grow in strength in the years to come. ”

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Professional Football Association, Gordon Taylor

EbeneMagazine – GB – PFA boss Gordon Taylor resigns
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