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There are so many fun games on offer during Cyber ​​Monday. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a good time to get some of the best Nintendo Switch games at a discounted price. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of games released on the Nintendo Switch, but not all are worth your time. If you need any help knowing which Switch games to get, I’m here to help.

Of course there are big bestsellers like Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Just Dance 2021. But you have to be quick. The best deals on Switch games often sell out very quickly, or a game may only go on sale for a small window of time.

This is a turn-based strategy game in which players determine which actions Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi and their Rabbid doubles take. I actually bought it myself while it was at this super cheap price and absolutely enjoyed it. It usually sells for $ 30, so it’s currently 50% cheaper.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of my favorite games on Nintendo Switch. If the funny acts of the stupid ghosts don’t make you laugh, Luigi’s overreactive expression definitely will. There are puzzles to solve, ghosts to catch and friends to free from Mushroom Kingdom. Plus, you can give a Joy-Con to a friend and play it in local co-op. It usually costs $ 60, so that’s a great price.

Link’s Awakening is a remake of a classic Zelda title and uses a cute top-down art style reminiscent of the original 2D version. This is by far one of the strangest and most charming Zelda games ever released. Get it while it’s $ 20 off.

Animal Crossing was without a doubt the most popular game of 2020. Given that it only came out earlier this year, it’s surprising that it goes on sale for $ 10 this Cyber ​​Monday. Grab it for this price while you can.

In Super Mario Maker 2, you can create your own side scrolling levels. The nice thing is that you can choose from several styles that Mario games have used over the years. With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can also share your creations with other players or play theirs.

I will be absolutely honest. I have no coordination when it comes to my feet so this is not a game I’ve played. However, some of my damn friends love it. There are many popular songs to dance to and you can compete against other people in your home. Get it while it’s $ 20 off.

These simplified Pokémon games allow players to return to the Kanto region, which was first explored in Pokémon Red and Blue, with a special Pikachu or Eevee by their side. You will work to beat every gym, catch Pokémon, and beat Team Rocket on your journey. You can also dress Eevee or Pikachu in fun clothes. These games are both currently $ 20 off.

If you are looking for a game to share with others, this is it. It plays like a traditional Mario side scroller, but features two characters that are easier to control. That way, you can play with younger children or people who are less confident about playing video games.

Super Mario Party is one of the best teamwork games as the main action is to compete against each other while playing different mini-games. Play as Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, or other Mushroom Kingdom characters. Up to four people can play on one switch.

Cyber ​​Monday is one of the best times to get a number of Nintendo Switch games. Some of my all-time favorites are for sale, and I recommend all of the above. Happy Cyber ​​Monday Deal Hunt!

Rebecca Spear loves to keep up with the latest and greatest electronics. She is a lifelong gamer and writer who has written hundreds of articles online over the past four years. Every day she draws with her Wacom tablet, plays video games or reads a good book.

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