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Saints win the roll and postpone it. Falcons start on Jan.. Matt Ryan completes tp Todd Gurley for 4. Ryan to Calvin Ridley deeply. Janoris Jenkins Reisen make the completion possible. Hawks among the Saints 26. Ryan finished for another 1. descent. Gurley rushes for 2. Complete Smith for 4. 3. and 4. Gardner Johnson defends the pass in the end zone. Falcons are satisfied with 3. Holy 0. Taysom time.

Saints begin on Jan.. after the return of Deonte Harris. Taysom Hill completes Michael Thomas for 8. Latavius ​​Murray rushes for 1. 3. and 1. Hill is fired. 4th. down

Falcons Fair catch the Thomas Morstead punt on their 32nd. Falcons on the Falcons. 1. and 15. Rush for 3. Complete for little profit. 3. and 11. Ryan is fired by Cameron Jordan. Falcons sting.

Deonte Harris returns on 31st. Alvin Kamara rushes for 6. Harris with the end at takes 1st. to the Falcons 41. Hill is forced out of the pocket and picks up 4. Kamara rushes for 4. 3. and 2 . . . Hill tries to pass it on to Michael Thomas, who draws the PI. 1. and 10. on 23. Hill to Adam Trautman for 1. and gate. Wildcat to Kamara picks up 3. 2. and goal. Timeout Saints. Hill is almost picked. 3. and goal. Hill to Thomas, who is blown up at the border. Will Lutz kicks the field gate. 3 all.

Falcons begin on 25. Ryan is fired shortly before Trey Hendrickson is in charge. Ryan to Julio Jones to 42 and 1 . . . Gurley rushes for 7. Gurley rushes to 1. to the saints 45. Hill rushes for 4. End of 1st. Quarterly. Ryan throws it away under pressure. 3. and 6. Ryan drops it under pressure for loss, but a defensive hold penalty from Malcom Jenkins gives them a 1 . . . Bad call in my opinion. Ryan under pressure again, incomplete. Gurley records 2. 3. and 7. with the saints 33. Ryan incomplete. The falcons’ field target attempt is good. 6-3 falcons.

Marques Callaway is back to put the kick off the end zone. Saints Ball on Jan.. Taysom Hill discharges under pressure and hits Thomas with a big win of 22 meters. Injury timeout Falcons. Hill completely to Thomas just before the chains. Kamara wins the 1. and more by a holding penalty against the hawks, which attacks 5 more. Saints Ball with the Falcons 32. Hill tosses Thomas a beautiful pass that lets him slip through his hands. Hill is released for cover. Screen incomplete to Kamara. Lutz tries the 53 yard field goal that hits the goal post. Not good.

Falkenball at the 43. Bryan Hill rushes for 4. Falcon startups. 2. and 11. Ryan complete for Ridley 8. 3. and 3 . . . Trey Hendrickson gets his second sack of the game. Falcons sting.

Harris is back to return, letting it go to the end zone. Saints Ball on Jan.. Murray rushes for a couple. Hill throws a ball of dirt. Shadow of Drew. Screen to Harris takes on a few more. Saints sting.

Falkenball on 29. 3 yard gain on the throw to Bryan Hill. Gurley for a couple. 3. and 5 . . . Ryan to Russell Gauge for Jan. . . . Measure again for another 1 . . . Hawk Ball with the Saints 43. Injury timed out Saints, Gardner-Johnson. Rush for 3. Incomplete passport. Defended by Janoris Jenkins. Timeout Saints. 3. and 7. Ryan incomplete. Field target attempt is good of 52. 9-3 falcons.

Saints Ball at the 20 after Harris unwisely decided to take it out. Hill Scrambling joins Thomas for another big win. Kamara rushes for 7. Hill went deep to Emanuel Sanders completely, who then coughed it, but he was down through contact. Heiligenball with the falcons 14. Wildcat Kamara picks up 2 again. Ousted Taysom takes on 2. Two minutes of warning. 3. and 6. Hill to Jared Cook for 1 . . . Will be checked. Decision is made. 1. and goal. Kamara runs to the TD. Extra point is good. 10-9 saints.

Falkenball on 25. , 1:46 halfway. Atlanta still has 2 timeouts. Complete Ridley for 7. Time out for the saints. Complete Ridley again when Ryan is hit. The defense gives Atlanta a 5 and a 1. , Ryan incomplete. Another defensive move moves the Falcons 5 further. Complete for 8. Ryan is almost selected, but Jenkins can’t hold onto it. 3. and 2 . . . Cameron Jordan gets another sack on Ryan. Falcons invoke a 3 second timeout. Marcus Williams takes it. A horse collar penalty gives the Saints 15 meters from the end of the run. Payton refuses the sentence. Halftime. 10-9 saints.

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LevelMagazine – US – Saints 10 Falcons 9: Second half game theme

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