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Put the odds on your side with these 9 slimming tips that will surely accelerate your weight loss

We have always been telling you about it and it is not without reason Because drink at least 15 l of water per day helps eliminate « waste » from digestion and those stored in the body To facilitate digestion even more, choose water rich in bicarbonate such as Vichy water.In this idea of ​​cleaning and detoxifying your body, prepare yourself green smoothies or detox herbal teas

Black radish is very popular for its purifying and hyper-detox benefits It stimulates the production of bile and thus accelerates digestion

It is important to take the time to chew your food This allows the enzymes in the saliva to attack the work of digestion, and it makes you feel fuller faster. Thus, if we swallow our meals whole, the effects on digestion will be « terrible »: swollen stomach, abdominal cramps, bloating etc.

Ah sugar! This great enemy of flat bellies must be diminished in all its forms This little cure will cleanse your body in depth

Showers with essential oils are perfect to fully benefit from their virtues Other tips: cold showers are popular to burn more calories Indeed, in contact with cold water the body temperature will suddenly drop, the body will then do everything to produce heat and keep it at 37 °

Dry brushing your stomach helps circulate energy throughout the body Thus it stimulates the lymphatic system, which cleans the waste and internal residues of the body

To reduce bloating, self-massage of the stomach is perfect! To do this, knead your entire belly with the fingers of both hands for a few minutes Then make clockwise movements and perform a few pressure points for a few seconds

To regulate your digestive system, a course of probiotics is recommended These living microorganisms will clean the intestines of all absorbed waste and restore the bacterial balance

Magnesium is known for its many benefits Among other things, it regulates transit and fights against stress, often the cause of chronic stomach aches.

This year of pandemic will have left its mark on the scales Indeed, if according to an Ifop study, around 57% of French people gained weight last spring during the first confinement – especially because of the drop in activity induced by teleworking and comfort food – they were more numerous still have gained weight during the holiday season (two kilos on average between Christmas and New Year’s Day) than when they were home assigned, revealed a global study carried out by the Withings app

So, after this very special year, a question arises: how to deflate a flat stomach and our line before pandemic?

To take care of your belly it is important to pay attention to your intestinal microbiota, also called intestinal flora This is essential for the balance of our body Indeed, the microbiota brings together thousands of billions of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.) housed in the digestive tract which play a role in digestive, metabolic, immune and also neurological functions according to Inserm.

If you want a flat stomach, certain detox reflexes should be adopted, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, favoring whole grains and legumes, moderating red meat or even skipping processed and so-called products. « Light »

To display a flat stomach, you must also take care of your abdominal strap You know it’s the abdominal area that supports our spine, maintains our organs and helps us breathe well, digest, laugh If we muscle it intelligently, if we tone it, we strengthen our abdominals This of course involves a few physical exercises such as the plank or breathing exercises such as the famous “Stomach Vacuum” technique.

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News – Losing weight: 9 things to do to quickly regain a flat stomach – biba magazine





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