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Make Me Healthy is the story of two friends who decided to dust off the diet of dietician and finally to propose ethical and transparent!

Forget restrictive diets that never work in the long term, make way for a dietary change by changing your habits once and for all for a healthier lifestyle, beneficial for your health as much as for your figure!

It was in December 2016 that Sarah Marin-Maire and Colette Friedrich launched Make Me Healthy with this simple idea in mind: to propose the dietary rebalancing that they would have liked to follow Telephone consultations, tailor-made food programs, personalized follow-up, all in a joyful and good mood!

Sarah is a qualified dietitian nutritionist and thus begins to follow patients by phone, with the aim of making each patient autonomous at the end of the follow-up Advice and tips on nutrition, but also on the organization of meals, shopping, family life … real personalized coaching that helps patients reach their goals Very quickly, the team of dieticians grew and now has 10 qualified, caring, enthusiastic and attentive professionals

Colette’s knowledge of communication and marketing supports the work of Sarah and her team to develop Make Me Healthy, notably with the creation of a web app offering 600 recipes, a recipe schedule, a personalized shopping list, a well-being curve… But also daily tips and recipes on the brand’s Instagram account @makemehealthyfr which now has more than 75,000 subscribers

The little extra: it is possible to create an account and access the recipes of the web app for free and without personalized follow-up

Food rebalancing has been developing more and more in recent years, but do you know exactly what it is? At Make Me Healthy, it’s about improving your diet to provide your body with everything it needs to be healthy, whether in terms of macronutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) or micronutrients (iron, calcium, vitamins …) And that by adapting to the objectives of each one: weight loss, weight gain, sporting objective, adaptation of the diet in the context of a pathology, pregnancy, breastfeeding … And in addition, the Most mutual and complementary health insurance cover consultations with a dietitian

Rebalancing your food is above all about changing your habits, at your own pace, to keep this new way of life forever! The first step is to better choose the products you consume: goodbye to processed products, hello to raw, seasonal and, if possible, organic and / or local products During their follow-up, each patient is supported to improve their habits: choice of starchy foods, decryption of labels, setting up snacks, advice to save time in the kitchen…

And all these changes are of course only possible if the pleasure is present daily: this is why Make Me Healthy offers gourmet recipes based on raw products that you cook yourself to enjoy at each meal Colorful bowls, tasty sandwiches, vitamin salads, gourmet breakfasts … Make Me Healthy patients enjoy each meal and are unanimous: rebalancing food is not eating LESS, but eating BETTER!

The program begins with an online check-up that allows the Make Me Healthy team to get to know their patient This first step is crucial, it’s time to share your eating habits, but also more broadly, your lifestyle, whether or not you practice a sports activity and your medical file. The patient is then invited to share the contents of his plate for 48 hours Following this dietary record, the patient is put in touch with his dietician who has developed an adapted and personalized diet rebalancing program. After a week of program monitoring for the patient, a first point is made to allow him to share his feelings about the food program and thus allow his dietician to make any adjustments It is also a privileged moment for the patient, allowing him to ask all the questions he may have had during this first week His dietician is there to advise him, (re) boost him and guide him as well as possible An appointment every ten days is scheduled to allow constant and optimal monitoring

Banana bread with no added sugar and eggs, but deliciously flavored with cinnamon and ginger and very delicious

Homemade granola is very easy to make and healthier than in the store with mashed bananas or compote to replace the sugar

The zucchini tart without dough, flavored with mint and ideal for sunny days, pleases the whole family and can be enjoyed hot or cold

Pad Thai with exotic flavors to make your taste buds travel while staying at home: lime, coriander, ginger…

News – The new health ally: food rebalancing – Biba Magazine





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