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Piers Morgan, 55, tweeted that the person he “least wants” to hear COVID-19 advice from is Kirsty Allsopp. His outraged post came after the real estate host announced that a child is more likely to be at risk from « trampoline » than from the deadly effects of the coronavirus.

Piers typed: « Of all the people I least want to hear from when it comes to expert advice on coronavirus, TV real estate agent Kirstie Allsopp and her cretaceous trampoline analogies top the list. « 

The statement by British star Good Morning came when Kirstie sparked heated debate on her social media about the danger coronavirus poses to children.

Kirstie said, « Covid is a terrible disease, but it’s very, very, very rare for it to affect children.

« You are still far more dangerous from driving, swimming or trampolining than Covid. Please don’t let anyone convince you. « 

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The tweet came just hours after an eight-year-old child died of coronavirus yesterday, as the death toll rose in its biggest surge since May.

Her sentiment sparked a mass parenting reaction, and many wondered why, as a TV real estate agent, she received a « qualified » comment on the pandemic.

The ongoing debates about whether to return children to classrooms will continue as some schools in the Southeast are closed this week.

Kirstie stated, « I’m not talking about the schools, I’m talking about reassuring children and their parents. This new variant is in no way more dangerous for children and those who say otherwise are angry. « 

She continued: « I am shocked by those who not only want to assure the parents of & that children are no longer at risk from the new variant, but only answer how captivating children are. God help this generation of children who are so loathed and feared. « 

One said: « You cannot transfer accidents, you can Covid. So it doesn’t just affect the child, and this new variant also affects school staff, parents, extended families and other children. It can cause illness, death and long covid. . Please stop saying these stupid things. « 

A second replied, « Find someone who got a trampoline injury from a child and then passes it on to someone who is clinically prone to trampoline accidents. « 

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A third wrote: « Miss the point as usual. Children currently have the highest rates and therefore spread the virus to people who are then severely affected. The scientists have said that if the schools stay open, we can’t keep R below 1. « 

However, some agreed with Kirstie believing schools should stay open, one responded, « I’m absolutely fed up with people assuming that every child is contagious !!! It’s wrong and unhealthy, them treat them as if they had the plague!  » ! « 

It comes when Piers and Kirstie dropped out on a tense row on Twitter last year after the « Location, Location, Location » star initially complained about the criticism she received while visiting London during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic to Devon left.

She tweeted, « The past 24 hours have been utterly terrible, full of horrific, uncomfortable and frankly scary comments. « (sic)

He continued, « Kirstie, you are a wealthy, privileged & isolating with your family in a lavish country house. You may stop waging this crisis because of your battle with trolls. & put your energies into raising support for NHS workers who risk their lives for all of us in very dangerous circumstances? « 

Kirstie responded to Pier’s comments by calling him « totally b ***** d » for sharing the post with his many followers.

She wrote, « You were totally insane that there was NO need to retweet, that it was completely unnecessary and unkind for your millions of followers to do so. « . « 

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