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LevelMagazine – CA – Enquéte sur l’ancien prêtre Brian Boucher: lâ ????

. . Les autorités ecclé siastiques de lâ € ™ Archevêchà de de Montrà © al se font à gratigner par lâ ???? ancient juge Pepita G. . Capriolo.

LevelMagazine – CA – Doublelift Announces League of Legends Retirement After Successful LCS Career...

. . Doublelift announced his retirement from the professional League of Legends, ending one of the most famous careers in the LCS.

EbenMagazine – GB – The pilgrims brought the values ​​that shaped freedom-loving America

. . Pilgrims not only celebrated Thanksgiving in America. They believed religious freedom and freedom were worth dying for. They made the Bible America's most widely read guide to life. And the pilgrims' covenant with God and man in 1620, and the form of self-government they pioneered, would eventually shape the American Constitution and all of government.