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. EbeneMagazine – IN – Sean Abbott’s been described as a player for the...

. The romantic ending at Manuka Oval on Wednesday afternoon was not to be. But given the way Sean Abbott has approached his cricket for so long, it gives the sense that this ending is not going to throw him. It was an ending, but also a second beginning, writes Geoff Lemon.

EbeneMagazine – CA – Comment mieux enseigner l’histoire après la mort de Joyce Echaquan?

. . Pour réduire les préjugés, il faut thunder une plus grande place aux autochtones dans le matériel pédagogique.

EbeneMagazine – AU – Why aren’t our national sports on free TV?

. . OPINION: With Spark and Sky subscriptions beyond what most people can afford, it is time to bring more sports out behind paywalls.