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LevelMagazine – GB – Matthew Wolfenden Health: Emmerdale Actor Took « Antidepressants For Eight Years »

. . MATTHEW WOLFENDEN visited the Yorkshire Dales in 2006 and played the character of David Metcalfe in Emmerdale. Fast forward 14 years and he hasn't gone since. Personally, he started his soap journey with antidepressants.

EbenMagazine – GB – Chelsea late goal ends Foxes’ winning streak

. . The Leicester City development team were beaten by Chelsea's U23 players on Friday night, losing 2-1 to a late winner from the hosts.

LevelMagazine – USA – Weeks before critical runoff elections, Georgia becomes ground zero for...

A new study found that Facebook does not add warning or fact-checking labels to the disinformation of elections on questionable places in Georgia