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EbeneMagazine – GB – Paolo Garbisi: People hate Owen Farrell for the reason that...

When England were due to travel to Rome in March, Paolo Garbisi had yet to play a single professional rugby match The 19-year-old (he turned 20 in April) was captain of the Azzurri Under-20 team

EbeneMagazine – GB – Birmingham woman violated Wales travel ban for ‘a walk on...

11 people from England - including representatives from Brum and the Black Country - appeared in court in Wales

EbeneMagazine – CA – Typhoon Goni, the most powerful cyclone in the world in...

After Molave ​​last week, the northern Philippines is preparing to face super typhoon Goni on the night of Saturday to Sunday It is currently the most powerful cyclone of this year 2020 on the surface of the globe - News The Weather Channel