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    We have been working diligently for almost three years on the legend that is Demon’s Souls. Together with the masters of the remaster Bluepoint Games, we have lovingly crafted this thrilling experience to bring it to stunning new life on PlayStation 5. 

    In Demon’s Souls, we send you back to the fog-ridden kingdom of Boletaria like you’ve never seen it before. Here, death is not the end, and again the challenge seems insurmountable. But this dark world draws you in nonetheless, with its sumptuous sights and chilling sounds. Through the power of haptics, you feel every visceral blow, making even small victories all the sweeter. 

    It was essential to us that we recreated Demon’s Souls in such a way that longtime fans are transported back to the Boletaria they love. It’s the Boletaria that has been growing and maturing in their imaginations for over a decade. A place where every room, corner, and corridor has a story to tell. Here, the original characters, encounters and battles are brought to life in greater fidelity, making the story even richer and darker. 

    Even as we went back to the drawing board to build upon the original art, sound, music, and feel, our goal was always to remain true to the vision of the original classic – its story, gameplay and level design. With this in mind, we fine-tuned the title to ensure the game remains fresh and appeals to new users accustomed to modern controls and experiences. 

    Above all, this is to ensure the lands of Boletaria are living and breathing worlds, home to all manner of terrors, brimming with tension and challenge. In this way, we hope that Demon’s Souls is both parts new and familiar, welcoming to veterans and newcomers alike. 

    This time, we’re thrilled to bring you an extended look at gameplay, featuring the first challenge you’ll face on your arduous journey – the grotesque demon Vanguard. 

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    Thank you guys. As a big fan of souls and many sony exclusive I really can’t wait to play DS and many others.

    I am super excited for this game, having bought it about 10 years ago and sold it 6 hours later because it was “too hard”. I later bought it again (but never played it again) and went on to beat all the Souls games and Bloodborne (I can’t get into Sekiro, parry mechanics are dumb IMO), but I am super pumped to play this. Looks great.

    if this is a console launch game, WHY CANT YOU SAY THAT? why leave it to geoff keighly to announce it on twitter?

    Jim Ryan what’s the point of wasting millions in recreating Demon’s Souls only to make it available for pc when its supposed to be an exclusive system seller!

    Congratulations Jim Ryan & Hermen Hulst for completely destroying the entire PlayStation legacy others build through out the years with your completely moronic choices.

    Holding my breath for a release date, this game looks awesome! But what happened to the UI?

    What we really want to know is when does Demons Souls 2 come out. Sony owns the IP. Japan Studios can make it.

    Was the trailer “cinematic”, because it looked kind of wonky? Everything was a oneshot and it just looked really…”scripted”??

    Would be nice to hear about any fixes to the gameplay. Liiike, reductions in grind, increasing some items drop chance from 1 in 10000 to something sensible, ability to stay online without affecting world tendency, non gendered armors, etc. Especially improvements to balance, ladder climbing faster than 1 rung per hour and if the broken archstone is finally fixed (been broken since launch). 😜

    What’s up with the other console and PC disclaimer at the end? I plan on getting a new PC with a new Nvidia RTX 3000 series card, so you turned me from a consumer who planned to be an early adopter to a consumer that will wait in see. Good way to instill uncertainty in your consumer base. Sony must like what they’ve seen from Microsoft’s marketing.

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    World news – CA – Demon’s Souls – PS5 gameplay first look



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